2010 17th Annual Tomato Tasting Results

October 12, 2010


 The last of my cherry tomato crop, Sun Gold


Sun Gold is a hybrid packed full of sweetness and flavor. My husband would take them to work to share at lunch. Every evening he’d brag to me about how much the guys love my cherry tomatoes. My tomato plant was a gift from friend and Master Gardener Colleen Machado who grows and sells mostly heirloom tomatoes. Thanks, Colleen for sharing such a sweet treasure.

 For those of you who enjoy pouring your heart and soul into vegetable catalogs during the winter months for the next year’s purchase, here’s the Amador Master Gardeners’ 2010 17th Annual Tomato Tasting Results.

 Red and Pink Category

1st Place:  Early Wonder heirloom

 2nd Place:  Big Beef hybrid

3rd Place:  Italian Sweet heirloom.

 Non-red Category

1st Place:  Big Rainbow heirloom

2nd Place:  Golden Girl hybrid

3rd Place:  Nebraska Wedding heirloom

 Cherry Category

1st Place:  Sun Gold hybrid

2nd Place:  Sun Gold hybrid

3rd Place:  Green Grape heirloom 


One comment

  1. While in Napa touring my husband’s cousin’s one acre award-winning garden we came upon his cherry tomato plant. We all popped one of the tomatoes into our mouths. It was a Sun Gold. It is SO flavorful and SO sweet. Next year I am definitely buying a Sun Gold plant!!!


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