Autumn Rain

October 18, 2010

My heart has never carried a fondness for cold, dreary seasons, but the first autumnal rainfall is always sweet. It arrived midday, yesterday in the central valley where I live. A rush to bring in patio pillows, garden tools, and shoes forced me outdoors. Ralphie stayed back, protected under the eaves, and watched me gather summer’s paraphernalia.

I should have believed the weather report and prepared beforehand, but then I’d miss the amusement of dashing about in the rain. I would have missed the smell of wet dirt rising to gray light where birds sang from treetops and utility wires, the splash of water beneath my shoes, sky-fallen droplets on my tongue, slanted showers against my face, and wiggly earthworms on hardscape.

A couple of potted plants were dry so I placed a bucket under the downspout and then used the water to wet the plants’ roots. I turned off the timers, sighed at the soggy hammock, covered the outdoor furniture, and thought about hauling firewood from the barn to the house. Clogged with debris, water pinged against gutters as I passed by them hurrying to go indoors.

The amusement wound down as my jeans got wet, my skin chilled, and the work was less fun. The sweetness of the first autumnal rainfall had worn off. Then, later at day’s end when the rain ceased and a small cloud parted, the season’s charm had returned with a beautiful sunset. Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre




  1. The sudden rush of large drops had me running around too. I have plastic buckets around here and there where I drop leaves, pine cones, etc. that I pick up off the ground. I had to make sure they were empty and put them upside down so they weren’t filling up with rain water. I moved my trowel under cover so it wouldn’t get rusty. I moved table and chairs on my front porch closer to the house to keep them dry. It is a ritual I go through between rain storms.

    I loved the pitter patter on the metal roof that we have over our patio. It can get very noisy but it is a pleasant sound to my ears.

    I hope that rain has washed all that yellow pollen off the evergreen trees that was making a mess everywhere!!

    Everything has received a nice drink of water out there so our water is off, at least for a couple of days.

    That last picture posted makes me think of a rainbow. I love your pictures.


  2. When the weather forecast called for rain, I went out and added the extension to the down spouts to divert the rain water away from the house. For some reasons I overlooked a couple and so I, too, was out in the rain attaching the extensions. In addition, I always try to collect and save as much rain water as possible to use to water my indoor plants as well as potted plants around the patio.



    I have a pitcher in the house and when I turn the kitchen faucet on to get hot water, it takes forever to get hot. So most times I try and save the water that runs cold in the pitcher and water plants with it.

    A friend of mine kept a bucket in the shower too. I haven’t done that yet.


  4. When it started raining I quickly ran out and picked a couple dozen tomatoes. After getting wet I just decided to garden in the rain.
    Dianne, I just loved your article and pictures. You so beautifully express the joys of gardening.


    • Thank you, Sue.
      It’s good to hear from you, and what a trooper gardening in the rain. Love it!


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