Summer Sentiments

October 21, 2010


Dirt Gardener 

Simple Success


  1. Ralphie has a bit of a GUILTY look on his face!!!! Had he been helping dig the holes for you to plant??


  2. I have a bigger dirt gardener that will give Ralphie a run for his title.


  3. Your beans look yummy. I am still picking my beans. I yanked 90% of them, but the last batch are still producing. With the cold weather comming, they will probably be gone by the end of the month.


  4. I love your picture of the dragonfly. Ralphie looks a little out of sorts.


  5. Ray, I think Ralphie might have just had a talking to!! Animals certainly do have personalities!!


  6. Right on Ray! It’s good to read something from the male’s perspective.


  7. Love the articles especially about the coleus (my fav)


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