Garden with Grace

October 29, 2010

Last weekend my phone lines were down. Now I am down. For several days, I’ve been in and out of bed with a bad bug and a sore back. Who knows where I caught the bad bug. The sore back was of my own doing. I had unknowingly arched my back while planting irises on a steep hillside. As gardeners, oftentimes we tend to focus on the task, unmindful of our posture. How we push and pull, dig and hoe. How we haul, reach and lift, and breathe. There is a right and a wrong way to carry out each of these movements. A way that is favorable to our bodies.

Tools that “fit” our body type, hand size, and strength ability are just as important. If you have to put most of your energy into hoisting a heavy shovel, the job becomes harder. Keeping tools fine-tuned will also make gardening easier. Proper attire and sun guard is important too.

As we approach holiday preparations, there will be a rush to do too many things outdoors and indoors. To pluck the weeds, rake leaves, pop in a few color spots near the front walkway, and hang the wreath before company arrives.

As you garden toward the end of the year, do so with grace and friendliness toward your body.

PS:  Hopefully, I’ll be well by Monday.



  1. I’ve been out thinning my bearded irises. It is surprising how fast they have reproduced. I have misplaced my “color map” so now I am confused about which color is where. They tend to overlap and merge together. I will need to “remap” them when the colors appear in the spring.


  2. You are correct about finding the correct tools to do the job as well as fit your body. It is difficult for me to find power tools that I can handle properly. Manual tools like a long pole pruner, a loper with extensions, and a simple pitch fork are difficult at times for me to use. They are heavy and awkward to handle. Tools were not made to be used by women or maybe its old age.


  3. Proper attire and lots of lotions will prevent dry skin. I find that the cheapest and best (for me) is to rub my hands with Vaseline before putting on gloves. If you do not wear gloves, be sure to get the Vaseline under your fingernails. That way you’ll find it much easier to wash and clean your hands and nails when the job is done. This also works if you are planning to paint anything. Vaseline will cure your dry chapped hands.


  4. When hanging your holiday’s decorations, be very careful about over reaching. When you are carrying something on a ladder and reach over, your weight shifts. This is when an accident can occur. We are focus on the end results and won’t notice the shift in tilt until it is too late.
    It is always better to have someone else around to assist you in your task.


  5. Dianne, I wish you a speedy recovery, and I look forward to reading your next blog.


  6. P.S. I love Grace.


  7. I loved Grace so much that I went out an “invited” her “sister” or “cousin” over for Halloween. I hope the ghosts and goblins don’t cause her to return home too soon. She must have many relatives because I see them all over. Very well-liked family.


  8. “Grace’s” extended family can be found at your local flea market. They would love to spend the holidays with your family. Great for Halloween and Thanksgiving.


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