A Beautiful Autumn Day

November 5, 2010

A beautiful autumn day under the silver maple trees (Acer Saccharinum).

Photos were taken yesterday at different times.



Facts about Silver Maple Trees:

  • Deciduous.
  • Transplants easily.
  • Can live 130 years or more.
  • Ideal for wet bottomland sites.
  • One of the best trees for poor soil.
  • Medium to large fast growing tree.
  • Often used in residential areas for shade.
  • Leaves turn yellowish orange in the fall.
  • Easily recovers from extended periods of flooding.
  • Leaves are deeply cut and silvery white underneath.
  • The wood is soft and can be damaged by severe winds or ice storms.


  1. Beautiful view down the row of trees. Lovely color on the fallen leaves. I am really enjoying the many trees changing their colors as I do my errands and take little trips – the reds, yellows and scarlets are Mother Nature’s gifts to us at this time of year.


    • This is my second-favorite time of the year. (Spring is first.) Fall won’t last much longer. I hope you keep enjoying Mother Nautre’s gifts.


  2. What lovely fall leaves – striking! They remind me of Liquid Amber trees. When I was in grade school we had a project on trees and I asked a neighbor the name of his colorful trees for my school repot. He said “Liquid Amber” and from what I remember from over 50 years ago, I always loved seeing his Liquid Amber trees, the leaves were so colorful. We lived on corners, and his trees lined his property facing both streets. Beautiful. Bernadine


  3. I’m not a very religious person, but when I see nature like this I feel God all around me and that I am indeed part of the Big Picture.
    Lovely pictures. Thanks Dianne!


    • You sure are, Dolores–and we’re glad!


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