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Ralphie’s Gift-Giving Book List for Pet Lovers

December 13, 2010

Ralphie and I love a good book about furry companions. Often, around mid-day, we’ll stretch out on the sofa where I read to Ralphie until he falls asleep. Together, we’ve enjoyed the lives of dogs and cats, and the many surprising details about farm animals, humming birds, bees, and more. Our favorite books, of course are about dogs.

Since this is gift-giving season, Ralphie and I want to encourage you to give books to your pals and their furry buddies, so we came up with a list of books that we’ve enjoyed together. “Ruff.”

 PS:  Tell us what your favorite books are.




 New York Times Bestseller Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World By Vicki Myron. | This is a heartwarming story about an internationally famous cat’s life at the Spencer Public Library in Iowa, and the librarian who raised him.


A Field Guide to Cows by John Pukite | Informative, amazing, and amusing, A Field Guide to Cows is the indispensable companion for would-be cow tippers, farmers, city folk, agriculturalists, interstate drivers, 4-H’ers, vacationing families, and everyone who likes to moo at cows.



Chickens:  Tending a Small-Scale Flock for Pleasure and Profit by Sue Weaver | From hens to roosters, from layers to broilers, Weaver covers the essentials in a straight forward style. You won’t need to worry about your chickens flying the coop with this resource in hand.




Izzy & Lenore by Jon Katz | If you enjoy good dog stories, this book will touch your heart. The book really is uplifting and once again points out the amazing effects that pets can have on the lives of human beings. Izzy is a marvel of a dog. Katz is a wonderful author.

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