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Vertical Habitats

December 20, 2010

Only one tree fell during the weekend’s storm. I’m crossing my fingers that the trees throughout our property will stay grounded, limbs in tact, during the remainder of this, and other winter tempests. I hate the thought of losing any of my husband’s trees. They are, after all, earth’s great big, green friends, and ours.

Joe is the one who designed, bought, and planted (with our sons’ help and mine) more than one thousand trees. Over the years, we’ve watched them grow from seedlings and five-gallon-sized adolescents into maturity. My husband has fussed over their need for water, weeding, staking, and pruning. A great deal of forethought and labor has gone into the continued nurturing of Joe’s trees.

We’ve received enormous pleasure from his vertical habitats. The trees have added value and beauty to our land, shaped a welcoming entrance to our home, purified the atmosphere, formed windbreaks and screens to hide junk piles and farm equipment, and provided quarters and refuges for critters.

We’ve lost several trees over the years. Seven weeping willows were removed, evergreens, birch, mulberry, locusts, cherries, and an orange tree. To this day, large voids remain where they once stood. When I squint, I can see their ghostly figures. Losing trees isn’t the end of the world. It’s the end of a big, beautiful, green friend. I can’t help feeling a tad sad when this happens.

This is one of the weeping willow trees we had to remove.

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