The Kind of Gift a Woman Never Forgets

August 29, 2011

Some men give flowers or chocolates to their sweethearts. I received a toad!

I can’t complain though. Toads are beneficial in the garden. They consume thousands of harmful insects in one summer, some of which include slugs, snails, beetle larvae, cutworms, and much more. This toad (help me come up with a name) looks like he or she likes to eat – a living, thriving gift that will defend my garden.

Occasionally, I do receive flowers. And like the flowers, when this gift was presented I also received a kiss – from the prince not the toad! Now that’s a good fairytale. Don’t you think?



  1. What a lovely gift! How about Tobi for his name. Tobi the Toad has a nice ring to it!


  2. Wow, never knew a frog was so beneficial in a garden! A good name for him would be “Prince Charming”


  3. He looks like a ‘get you george’ or ‘GG’ to me! Another idea is “Gulp!’ bernadine


  4. Or – how about the ‘Popper (Prounced Pauper) – then it could be ‘The Princess’ (of the garden – dianne) and the ‘Popper’. hah! bernadine


  5. He sure is cute (or can a toad be a she??) What do I know about toads (not much).

    He looks like camaflouge, how about Cami ?


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