2011 Tomato Tasting Contest

September 7, 2011

No matter what size garden one tends everyone gets hyped up about growing sweet, juicy tomatoes. To honor this megastar, Amador County Master Gardeners conducted their 18th Annual Tomato Tasting Contest at the Farmers Market in Sutter Creek. The competition was open to anybody, experienced and first-time gardeners, and Mom and Pop farmers.

This year, the event brought in 100 entries! Hybrid or heirloom, variety (over 60) didn’t matter. This competition is all about flavor.

Tomatoes were divided into three categories, full size non-red, full size red, and cherry. Each entry was logged, tagged, categorized, and cut into bite-size pieces. Participants looked on with anticipation while three poker-faced judges tasted and scored each entry.

Once the winners were announced, the public was free to sample red, yellow, orange, green, and plum colored tomatoes. Adults, children, and a few canines enjoyed the chance to experience the many varieties. Attending a tomato tasting contest is sure to get you hyped up for next year’s crop.

Here are the Judges’ Results:

Full size red:

1st Place, Early Wonder
2nd Place, Abraham Lincoln
3rd Place, Big Beef

Full size non-red:

1st Place, Black Krim
2nd Place, Golden Girl
3rd Place, Yellow Jubilee


1st, 2nd, 3th Place, Sun Gold



  1. Cool. Sounds like a fun day, healthy & yummy! We grew some small tomatoesn in a Topsy Turvey hanging planter this year. The one plant crop only produced 4 or 5, but they were sweet and tasty.


  2. pretty pictures, all those colorful tomatoes!


  3. Beautiful tables w/ colorful tomatoes. I guess I grew the right cherry tomatoes in my garden this year. Sun Gold.


  4. Beautiful tomatoes!

    Haven’t been plagued by horn-worms for years, but this year they made an appearance. Fortunately my dog has a nose for them and has included them in his diet. So funny to watch him track them down. Planted royal flush seeds, but ended up with gigantic orange tomatoes.


    • Hey, the dog’s got talent! Send a video to America’s Funniest Home Videos. Last year I planted Sun Gold and ended up with a yummy red cherry tomato better than Sun Gold. And do you think I saved seeds?

      Thanks for sharing.


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