Ground Cover

September 14, 2011

My favorite ground cover is Lysimacha Goldii (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Goldii’). This low-growing evergreen thrives in full sun or semi-shade. The trailing, golden highlights add a stunning pop of color. Mine is growing between flagstones and in an otherwise drab area of the perennial garden. I planted Lysimacha Goldii several years ago and it always looks beautiful, unlike some mature ground covers that get woody and dull.

Lysimachia Goldii is easy to grow and is beautiful cascading over walls, pots, and hanging baskets. Best of all, it’s a cool pet bed on hot summer days.

Note:  If your pet loves to gnaw on vegetation, ASPCA has a list of toxic plants. However, their files are not complete and Lysimachia Goldii is not listed.



  1. It looks extra-specially pretty with Ralphie on it!! …..


    • Yea, Ralphie makes everything extra-specially pretty and enjoyable.


  2. Yes, Ralphie is the star and I love his signature paw print at the bottom.


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