November 2, 2011

It’s time for me to take a break, to mend an injured shoulder and arm. There’s no exotic travel in store or lifestyle change,  just a reprieve for physical healing.

Meanwhile, if you have the time during the busy holidays, there are archives to review or catch up on, monthly tasks for landscape and garden feats, and guest writer Bernadine Chapman-Cruz’s monthly contribution to read.

I’ll pop in on occasion to keep in touch and I hope you will do the same. I’m only an email away at inthegarden@softcom.net.

You can also leave comments here, on Facebook under In and Around the Garden, and twitter.com/dianneandre.

Wishing you a blessed season in and around your garden.




  1. Do take care and mend well. You’ve provided so much for us that there is plenty on the site to read up on.

    Thank you for all you provide to us on this website.


    • Sure is nice to check in and read your reassuring comment, Ray. Thank you so much. It looks like I’ll be mending my bum shoulder through Christmas. The repetitive computer mouse clicking and keyword tapping irritates it so I need to listen to my body as I like using my arm to its fullest capacity. But, I’ll keep checking in and try to post from time to time.


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