Thanksgiving Humor Week Begins Now

November 20, 2011

This has been a difficult year for many people. For some families, goals have taken a backseat to necessities. Survival is foremost for others. Disrupted lifestyles, losses, hardships, and uncertainties continue to weigh heavily. Gratitude is hard to grasp during challenging times. Still, there are thousands of things for which to be thankful. Trust me I’m not being preachy or judgmental. This rotten economy has also affected my household. What I’m doing is pumping myself up, something I once heard Joyce Meyer suggest on television.

Joyce is right. It’s my responsibility to ‘get excited.’ This doesn’t mean I will be happy-happy-happy every second of every day or night. That would be exhausting, insane, and downright irritating to others. To pump up one’s emotional state is to feel a happy internal posture while carrying a sincere external smile . . . to experience laughter in the simple things. Therefore, Thanksgiving Day I’m going to eat a turkey (not my pet turkey in the photo above, she’s too loved to be eaten), crank up the music, and dance in and around the garden then laugh at myself.

Until then, I’m starting “Thanksgiving Humor Week.” Join the fun and let’s see how many laughable thanks we can create. Here’s how it works.

Email your humorous thanksgiving thoughts to me at inthegarden@softcom.net or post them in the comment box. At the end of each day, I’ll add them to the list below. ‘Thanksgiving Humor Week’ will end November 23, midnight.

Feel free to copy and print the completed list. Cut into strips, fold in half, and place into a bowl to pass around the dinner table for each person to draw one then read aloud. Sit back; listen to the merriment of cohesive laughter among family and friends. What could be better?

Suggestions:  funny things your guests/kids have said, family jokes, old wise tales, dinner mishaps–you get the picture. Add to the list as often as you want and be sure to invite friends to join in on the fun.

What do you think? Can we reach 50, 100 humorous Thanksgiving thoughts? Let your imagination fly. I’ll start with five.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful . . . :

  1. For thong underwear: There’s plenty of room for expansion.
  2. Thanksgiving dinner is a win-lose situation:  I win some pounds and I lose the diet.
  3. I am not a turkey.
  4. For action words like EAT!
  5. For Prozac. My Thanksgiving dinner guests will also be grateful after they eat the gravy spiked with a dose or two.
  6. I have only gained back 15 pounds of the 17 that I lost. There is still two to go, oh, oh, Thanksgiving dinner.–Valerie
  7. Q:  What did the Turkey say to the turkey hunter? A:  “Quack, Quack, Quack”–Hannah
  8. As a newlywed, I inadvertently cooked the Thanksgiving turkey breast side down. When I opened the oven, I was amazed that my turkey didn’t have any legs! They were tucked underneath. All turned out well. The juices kept the breast meat tender and I have been cooking it that way ever since.–Bernadine


  1. Oh Dianne you are so funny…

    This has given me something to think about and I sure will join in when I get this old brain thinking….

    Just had my mother over to test drive this place in a wheelchair…I am offically done with decorating and now let the fun times roll for a month…

    I told Mom that I thought I should keep all of these trees up year round and become known as the Christmas House…LOL The fun I could have re-decorating for each holiday…See I have lost my mind….

    Thanks again for always having such a fun and informative site to visit…Look forward to seeing you on the 8th…

    Kisses Kim


    • A test drive around the “Christmas House”? Sounds like fun. I’ll be looking for those funny Thanksgiving thoughts–I’m sure you have lots of crazy, memorable moments to share.


  2. My brain hasn’t kicked in something funny yet either. We can only hope…..
    Kim, my friend Leila, who you will meet on the 8th (my guest) had a Christmas tree in her den and she kept it up for a couple of years and decorated it for the different holidays. She has taken it down now and is still sane.
    A happy, fun Thanksgiving to all.
    Ok I thought of something:
    This Thanksgiving I am thankful that I have only gained back 15 pounds of the 17 that I had lost.
    There is still two to go, oh, oh, Thanksgiving dinner………


    • Seeds of fun to Valerie for being the first to add to “Thanksgiving Humor Week”. Thank you.


  3. […] Thanksgiving Humor Week Begins Now (inandaroundthegarden.net) […]


    • Welcome Dr. Wiggins and thanks for the pingback! I enjoyed reading your blog filled with words of encouragement. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. An extra busy week for you, I’m sure.


  4. […] Thanksgiving Humor Week Begins Now (inandaroundthegarden.net) […]


  5. Well I am thankful for you, your humor, and Joyce’s encouraging butt kicks.
    What did the Turkey say to the turkey hunter?
    “Quack, Quack, Quack”
    Yes, your thong underwear quote is hard to beat 🙂


    • Too funny Bernadine about the hidden turkey legs. Lots of pros cook turkeys breast side down! Thanks Hannah. You said it best–“Joyce’s encouraging butt kicks”!


  6. As a newlywed, I inadvertently cooked the Thanksgiving turkey breast side down. When I opened the oven, I was amazed that my turkey didn’t have any legs!

    However, all turned out well, as the legs were tucked underneath and with basting and the juices dripping down kept the breast meat juicy and tender.

    My mistake was dubbed ‘the upside down turkey’ and I have been cooking it that way ever since.


  7. Good Tuesday Morning Dianne: Still thinking…

    Kisses Kim


  8. […] Thanksgiving Humor Week Begins Now (inandaroundthegarden.net) […]


  9. Dianne, thanks for a new perspective but don’t have anything funny except one that I will “show” you in person next visit. My X-es cute little wife was in town for Thanksgiving and she has put on a little weight, HEE Hee, I mean Ha Ha.
    See you soon.


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