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January 2012 Events

December 29, 2011

January events are posted. Remember, I am happy to include most club or community events. All you have to do is email the details to by the third week of each month.

I love reading the comments and the friendly interaction between my readers. If I seem slow to join in, it takes a great deal of time to login and open the backdoor of my blog. Therefore, I try to reply on the days that I post. Lately, though, it’s so difficult to open the backdoor I have to close my internet browser and try several times until I get in. When I’m finally done posting, I’ve tied up the landline so long there’s no time to reply to your comments.

I’m praying for a miracle.

I don’t know if it’s the dial-up connection or my OLD computer. Probably both. This morning my computer froze, not a good sign. I’ll be spending the latter part of 2011 backing up files. If my posts are hit and miss after New Years, it’s because the OLD computer is . . . well OLD!

I’m praying for a miracle and a million dollars.

Thank you everybody for your heartfelt Christmas wishes.

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