January 2012 Events

December 29, 2011

January events are posted. Remember, I am happy to include most club or community events. All you have to do is email the details to inthegarden@softcom.net by the third week of each month.

I love reading the comments and the friendly interaction between my readers. If I seem slow to join in, it takes a great deal of time to login and open the backdoor of my blog. Therefore, I try to reply on the days that I post. Lately, though, it’s so difficult to open the backdoor I have to close my internet browser and try several times until I get in. When I’m finally done posting, I’ve tied up the landline so long there’s no time to reply to your comments.

I’m praying for a miracle.

I don’t know if it’s the dial-up connection or my OLD computer. Probably both. This morning my computer froze, not a good sign. I’ll be spending the latter part of 2011 backing up files. If my posts are hit and miss after New Years, it’s because the OLD computer is . . . well OLD!

I’m praying for a miracle and a million dollars.

Thank you everybody for your heartfelt Christmas wishes.



  1. Dianne, hope your 2012 is sunshine & roses and all good things come your way!

    It is fun corresponding with other In and Around the Garden followers, we learn a lot and make online friends.

    Absolutely gorgeous sunset (at least I think it’s the sunset as opposed to the sunrise) but none-the-less – another perfect picture from DMA!


  2. Good Thursday Morning Dianne: Miracles do happen…Someone won $100,000 at Jackson on Christmas Day…Not me or you, but someone…LOL

    I worked in the yard yesterday for 6 hours blowing leaves and I swear I can’t walk today…But, the yard is beautiful…LOL

    Here’s to a Great New Year.

    Kisses Kim


    • Yeah! This morning I got into my blog’s backdoor without any problems, hoping this is a sign of great things to come in 2012. Kim, I have hundreds of leaves but not 6 hours of blowing them away—just five hours! Sore body or not, it sounds like the cloud was lifted, I sincerely hope so. Bernadine, I’m glad you enjoy corresponding with other followers and that you’re learning from them. We certainly enjoy your articles. Hannah, here comes 2012 with spunk and garden fun!


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