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January 1, 2012

Here it is, 2012. The past is gone. The future is now. What will I (and you) do in the months ahead?

Ideas and dreams are sure germinating in my mind. Some are old imaginings still waiting to sprout, others are new, and some haven’t introduced themselves to me yet.

Oftentimes it’s scary to try something new, to step outside the borders surrounding our lifestyle and interests. All sorts of questions start running through the mind:  Will I fail? Will I fit in? What if I spend a truckload of time, energy, and money then find out that I don’t like doing it or I don’t have the skills or funds to progress?

Other times it’s frustrating to stand at the edge with your foot lifted, hands outstretched, and heart full of hope, ready to step forward only to have a GIANT hedge (sometimes several hedges) block the path.

Most of us have experienced these emotions and blocks before and during the journey of our endeavors. When this happens, concentrating on gratitude and calm and doing something for someone else (these actions can be our greatest tools) is usually all that’s needed to boost one’s spirit.

I’m not a believer of New Year’s Resolutions. I prefer to skip the self-inflicted, unkempt promises and instead take action, even if I have to wait or walk a little further toward the prize. It just makes more sense, to me, to know what it is that I want to do. Then do it.

My wish for each of you, in the New Year, is to find courage and joy in trying something new. To take what you already love doing a step further. To find a way through GIANT hedges and snags. To push past the fears and what-if’s. To just do it.

May it be a happy, healthy, and productive New Year in and around your garden in 2012.–Dianne

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