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Tips Hints and Cool Things

January 14, 2012


Divide daylily, Shasta daisy, chrysanthemum and other perennials.

Since it hasn’t rained, be sure to check your outdoor potted plants and gardens. Moist soil helps protect plants on frosty mornings.

Cool Thing

World’s smallest frogs belonging to the genus Paedophryne was found in southeastern New Guinea. These species are extremely small, with adults of the two new species — named Paedophryne dekot and Paedophryne verrucosa — only 8-9 mm in length. The members of this genus have reduced digit sizes that would not allow them to climb well; all inhabit leaf litter, and their reduced digits may be a corollary of a reduced body size required for inhabiting leaf litter and moss. Habitation in leaf litter and moss is common in miniaturized frogs and may reflect their exploitation of novel food sources in that habitat. The frogs’ small body sizes have also reduced the egg complements that females carry to only two, although it is not yet known whether both eggs are laid simultaneously or at staged intervals.

Note:  Sorry this is late folks. I had problems getting into my blog again.

Thank you everybody for your kind words regarding Miss Boo Boo and my young hens. Have a wonderful weekend.

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