Garden Tips Hints and Cool Things

March 23, 2012

1) If you are getting ready to sow wildflower seeds, use an empty Parmesan cheese shaker. Fill with a mixture of fine sand and seeds. Then simply shake to spread the seeds as you are planting. The seeds will distribute more evenly. This will also save time.

2) Slugs and snails are coming out. Handpick or place empty 10 to 14oz cans in the ground with the rim at ground level. Fill with beer. The slugs and snails will crawl in for a delicious drink but they won’t get out.

3) Humming birds have arrived, so clean feeders and fill with sugar-water:  One part sugar to four parts water, boiled until dissolved, and completely cooled.

If you have garden tips, hints, or something cool or interesting to share, email them to inthegarden@softcom.net and I will post them along with your name.

Happy Friday!



  1. Delightful tips! thanks Dianne. Would you believe I had a dream about Parmesan cheese last night; had a snail on the snapdragons I planted yesterday – and well, you know how I feel about birds.

    Yes, everyone. It would be nice to get more tips from Dianne’s followers, so we all can learn more about what’s going on in and around the garden.


  2. Good Saturday evening Dianne:

    Wow what a wonderful idea…I would never have thought of the cheese shaker…I had forgot about the beer too…Will have to pass on to my daughter she will get a kick out of the beer tip..

    Kisses Kim


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