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My Door

October 13, 2013


I am happy to announce high speed internet is finally available in the rural area where I live. Woo-Woo! Break out the bubbly! Pick a bouquet!

During my absence at (due to dial-up), the past year has been a yield of good and challenging times. Life is busy and I sometimes cannot keep up. In the old blogging days, I would post daily or weekly. What a blast! But, go figure. Now that my internet service allows me to do unimaginable online tasks, blogs will be posted . . . , well I’m not sure how often. Here is why. During my online absence, I began a new project, which I hope to announce soon. No hints! Not yet! But I will tell you the project is a labor of love. The old adage is true:  When one door closes another opens.

Thank you, everyone, for knocking on my door. It’s open. I will share some words and photos as often as I can, so come on in.


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