My Door

October 13, 2013


I am happy to announce high speed internet is finally available in the rural area where I live. Woo-Woo! Break out the bubbly! Pick a bouquet!

During my absence at inandaroundthegarden.net (due to dial-up), the past year has been a yield of good and challenging times. Life is busy and I sometimes cannot keep up. In the old blogging days, I would post daily or weekly. What a blast! But, go figure. Now that my internet service allows me to do unimaginable online tasks, blogs will be posted . . . , well I’m not sure how often. Here is why. During my online absence, I began a new project, which I hope to announce soon. No hints! Not yet! But I will tell you the project is a labor of love. The old adage is true:  When one door closes another opens.

Thank you, everyone, for knocking on my door. It’s open. I will share some words and photos as often as I can, so come on in.




  1. welcome back. Anticipating what you have to tell us next.


  2. SO glad you are among the high speed world…missed all if your wonderful words of wisdom…


  3. I missed you too DIanne. So nice seeing you at The Inn at Locke House. Looking forward to your beautiful blogs.


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