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Seasonal Blogging Farewell

December 3, 2015

Several days ago, my cosmos died then withered into tiny brown specks under a white frost. I hope you photographed your favorite blooms to enjoy during the winter months on your desktop, in a garden journal, video, or framed and hung on a wall.

One benefit of this beautiful annual is the self-sowing seeds, which will provide free flowers, color, texture, and random design around the garden come spring.

Another benefit is the vision I will carry throughout the cold season while I take my usual winter blogging break.

There are lots here, in the archives, to read. Enjoy and leave a comment. I will receive a notice and respond. The photography studio will remain open for orders.

Thank you for subscribing to In and Around the Garden.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in the Spring!









Blogging Anniversary! Thank You!

February 1, 2011

February is

“In and Around the Garden’s”

first anniversary and I would like to extend

a big THANK YOU to:

all my followers,

those who placed a link on his or her website,


to my many new fans a WARM WELCOME.

It’s nice to have so many faithful friends subscribing to


If anyone has specific interests or gardens you would like featured, please leave me a comment or send an email.

Don’t forget to share with each other what you are doing in and around your garden, whether it’s a new way to weed, a ride in the country, or an upcoming event.

Thank you everyone, for making this a banner year!

From my garden to yours,

 ♥ Dianne ♥

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