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Changing Colors

April 22, 2010

I’ve heard that the Indians believed if acorns fell early—in July—it was a sure sign of a wet winter. Well, guess what? My oak tree started dropping acorns last July, and we’ve had a wet winter. What I can’t explain, after a recent rain, is how the light cast a lilac hue on brown dried-up leaves in the photo above. It looks as if I digitally colorized it, but I didn’t. Honest!  (I can explain why it’s out of focus–I’m an amateur photographer.)

Another mystery is the 80-degree weather we had last Sunday and rain two days later. In fact, it poured. Spring and the hope of summer had dissipated behind gray clouds. Still, I wasn’t about to wheel the firewood back up the hill to the house. I wasn’t about to run outside to cover the patio furniture. Lazy, I know.

Aware that summer would come, I did enjoy the changing light of day, the cast of hues on leaves, a cup of hot chocolate, and a chance to take a break to meet with friends in town (more on that later).

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