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A Look Into Autumn

September 17, 2014

I am thinking about autumn and what it will bring.

leaf in fence_edited-1

The obvious is shorter days, longer nights, gentle breezes, and cool temperatures.


The world will shrink as birds migrate, insects overwinter, and deciduous plants and trees transform from intense hues to bare limbs. Backyard gardeners will plant winter crops or put their beds to rest until spring.

Rest sounds good to me.


This is the time of year that I want to be lazy, but as it happens every fall, I will be raking acorns and oak leaves through December.

So much for rest . . . the work has just begun.




Changing Colors

April 22, 2010

I’ve heard that the Indians believed if acorns fell early—in July—it was a sure sign of a wet winter. Well, guess what? My oak tree started dropping acorns last July, and we’ve had a wet winter. What I can’t explain, after a recent rain, is how the light cast a lilac hue on brown dried-up leaves in the photo above. It looks as if I digitally colorized it, but I didn’t. Honest!  (I can explain why it’s out of focus–I’m an amateur photographer.)

Another mystery is the 80-degree weather we had last Sunday and rain two days later. In fact, it poured. Spring and the hope of summer had dissipated behind gray clouds. Still, I wasn’t about to wheel the firewood back up the hill to the house. I wasn’t about to run outside to cover the patio furniture. Lazy, I know.

Aware that summer would come, I did enjoy the changing light of day, the cast of hues on leaves, a cup of hot chocolate, and a chance to take a break to meet with friends in town (more on that later).

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