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I Threw a Fit and Then I Danced!

April 14, 2014

I thought I would update you on an earlier post, Challenges | Photographers Input Needed, so here’s the latest.

Challenges: After making it through two thyroid surgeries, the doctor has put me on a 14-day, low iodine diet in preparation for a radioactive iodine treatment. The list below is my allowable food intake. Two days into the diet and already I was GRUMPY! I even threw a fit. My husband quickly exited to the outdoors with our pet dog, Ralphie. What else can a man and his dog do when his woman is throwing her body around like a mad rap dancer?


My fit lasted less than a second. Good thing. Body contortions hurt! Frustrated, I grabbed my camera and headed for the garden. A few steps into my short trek across the lawn and I realized there was no reason for me to have gone into a mad dance. Friday, glaucoma tests showed that my eye pressure had finally lowered. This means the glaucoma has stabilized. Grateful, I took in a deep breath, then danced around the garden, this time in graceful celebration.

Update on Photographers Input Needed: I have received good suggestions for choosing a new camera. For those who shared, thank you so much. Hoping to make enough funds to buy a new camera, I opened the Fine Art Studio (see sidebar). It isn’t easy selling art. I knew this beforehand, and unfortunately it hasn’t happened. That’s just the way it is. But I’m not one to give up. A good thing, as there has been a lot of faith-testing—and faith-building—going on in my heart and soul the past six months. Thanks to prayer warriors, my faith in God and His in me, I’ve managed to remain optimistic.

Tomorrow, look for more garden photographs taken after my graceful dance.

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Challenges | Photographers input needed

February 18, 2014


Dianne Poinski Photography

This picture reminds me of a time, twenty-one years ago, when I had completed cancer treatments and decided I would take on any activity that sounded like fun. That decision led me to a creative writing course, getting published in major magazines, and earning an honorary college degree in journalism. BIG! REAL BIG! For a girl who had struggled academically in elementary grades and high school.

I came upon this picture the same day Photographer Dianne Poinski posted it on Facebook; two hours after finding out I have papillary thyroid cancer. What I saw and still see in this photograph is dense fog slowly drifting AWAY from strong upright trees that have most likely endured many storms. Immediately, the image took me back twenty-one years. I don’t know why. But it did. A half second later I decided once again to do whatever sounds like fun. The difference this time is that I know what the activity will be—to pursue my love of photography, my passion for landscape, macro, and still life.

Thyroid cancer is not a death sentence and easily curable. But I also learned a few months ago that I have two conditions requiring a difficult life-changing diet, and I have glaucoma. Fortunately this disease progresses very slowly. I have faith the fog will not overcome me, that these health issues are merely placing me on an extraordinary path.

I don’t share this with slouched shoulders. (Okay, slightly slouched.) There are worse health conditions and people far worse off than me. I don’t know where this new venture will lead. But I know where I need to begin and now that I have cranked up my nerve and shared the bad stuff, it is time to move on to the next step—a new camera.

I’ve done a little online research, but there is so much information it leaves one confused. Most readers are nervous about commenting and I understand. Still, I hope a few photographers will share their knowledge. I already received one suggestion, from Dianne Poinski,  “. . . lenses are where you want to get the best you can afford.”

If there are any other professional photographers willing to comment, I would love to hear from you.

(Thank you Dianne Poinski for allowing me to share your beautiful work.)

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