A First in my Garden

May 10, 2010


This is my first iris (Iridaceae) ever. About a month ago, a local lady was giving away a couple hundred irises to friends and neighbors. (She’s turning her iris plot into raised veggie beds.) I received a dozen or so irises, most of which I planted under the flowering plum trees (Prunus x blireiana). Two iries are in the garden, one planted on each side of the heart-shape pathway. Unlike the other ones, these two have variegated green and yellow foliage. As one strolls to the left or to the right, each iris is a pleasant surprise . . .  a pop-of-color behind the society garlic (Tulbaghia violacea). Dug up the wrong time of the year, they aren’t performing at high-capacity. Next year, though, I have big expectations.

Iris Tips:

Over 300 species

Grown from bulbs or rhizomes

Three categories:  bearded, beardless, and crested

Irises need full to half day of sun

Plant July – September 12 – 24 inches apart

Bloom periods is spring or early summer

Deadhead bloom stems close to the ground.

Apply small amount of fertilizer one month after bloom

For prolific blooms, divide every 3-4 years before they become crowded

Remove only diseased or brown leaves

Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre


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