Bench Benefits

August 11, 2010

During the dreaming stage of my perennial garden, I envisioned at least one shaded, seating area. Years later, after the garden became a reality, I spotted the perfect white arbor bench at a rural outdoor boutique. What I didn’t think about at the time was the many benefits of owning an arbor bench. 

  1. Potato vines (Solanum jasminoides) hug my arbor creating a cool, shady, cocoon-like-space . . . a plus during one-hundred degree temperatures.
  2. I can disappear into the background. If I don’t move, hummingbirds and butterflies think I’m part of the landscape and practically perch on me.
  3. The arbor adds a focal point. It draws people to come from across the garden to sit for a spell.
  4. Mostly, the arbor bench invites me to dismiss the weeding, pruning, and deadheading—if only for a few minutes—that awaits my attention. Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre


  1. I love the arbor/bench photo. It is very inviting.


  2. I like having different seating placements in my yard. You get a different perspective of the plants and yard decorations plus as was mentioned…you can stop weeding etc. and enjoy your space. Recently my six year old grandson invited me to come and sit with him while we were in the yard together…sweet.


    • Thanks for sharing, and reminding me that garden seating is an invitation for tender moments with family and friends. Your grandson is learning early. Usually Ralphie’s the only one in the garden with me, and he’s not interested in bench sitting—too many distractions for a dog (birds, a cat, and unknown scents to follow).


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