Hot August Contest

August 16, 2010

This month’s contest is an easy win! It begins today, August 16 and ends August 31, midnight.

THE PRIZE:  An attractive, 40-page book-bound photo album. Each page holds two horizontal 4×6 photos with a sidebar for journaling. The album is new. It has a soft, black leather cover. Ideal for storing/showcasing family photos for you or give as a gift.

Here’s the rules and game plan:

  1. You must be a subscriber to play. It’s FREE!
  2. Simply post a comment. No restrictions on length. The person with the most comments by August 31, midnight is the winner.
  3. The winner will be notified by email. The winner’s first name and last initial will be announced on inandaroundthegarden.net.

Best of luck and happy commenting!

Note:  In and Around the Garden has the right to refuse publication of unsuitable comment(s) and/or to exclude them in the above contest.



  1. When you hold a contest to elict comments, you don’t always get an honest opinion from the writer. You get what the writer thinks you want to hear. It’s like a jingle contest of 25 words or less to win a prize. Anyway, I wish you luck.


    • Betty,

      As stated in the first contest, the purpose of “a contest” is to increase readership. In addition, I hope that while playing to “win a prize” common interests develop among readers. It is my belief that involved readers become a village, supporting and sharing tips and ideas. Keep in mind, that I’ve been blogging only since February. I’m new at this. I worry about content, whether I’m giving readers what he or she wants. I have goals and dreams, and I hope fans. Fans that enjoy my blog, and/or participating in the contests, even if it’s what they “think I want to hear.” Maybe I’m naive, but that just seems downright thoughtful! Thanks for your honest comment.—Dianne


  2. I enjoy scrapbooking and have done a lot of family albums which almost fill my hall closet shelf!! I do have a binder of photos and magazine cut outs of beautiful gardens that really need to be put in an album.

    This album would serve the purpose and is a nice inducement to make a comment, which I enjoy doing anyway.

    The contest will be fun.


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