Vegetable Families

August 30, 2010


Below are several basic vegetable families. For best results grow and rotate each family together. They use the soil in comparable ways and share similar pests. 

Brassicas (cabbage family; sow on soil previously used for beans and peas): Broccoli | Brussels sprouts | all varieties of cabbage | kohl rabi | cauliflower | kale | mizuna | pak choi | radish | arugula | rutabaga | turnip

Legumes (bean and pea family): Snap peas | peas | bush | pole | lima | fava and dry beans

Solanaceae (potato and tomato family; grow with organic matter, as these are heavy feeders.): Eggplant | potato | tomato | peppers

Alliums (onion family; if planting in soils with lots of organic matter make sure it’s decomposed.):  Garlic, all varieties of onion, shallot, chive, leek

Umbeliferae (carrot and root family; for sweeter carrots grow during the winter then harvest in the spring.):  Celery | celeriac | cilantro | fennel | carrot | parsnip | parsley | dill

Cucurbits (squash and marrow family; heavy feeders so add organic matter to soil before planting.):  Summer and Winter squash | cucumber | melon | pumpkin 

Chenopodiaceae (beet family):  Swiss chard | spinach | beet 

Miscellaneous:  All fruit | mint | oregano | rosemary | sage| basil | lettuce | endive | cress | Jerusalem artichoke | corn | okra | corn salad | chicory Note: 

Don’t sow root vegetables in heavily fertilized soil. This will cause lush foliage and less root growth. 





One comment

  1. Great article to save for future reference. I planted egg plants, peppers, and tomato plants in containers and placed them together in a group and they did well together. The only thing I would change next summer would be to move the tomato plants. They outgrew their containers. To change the subject a little, do you know why my bell peppers get sunburn? I try to water at the base and keep the foliage dry, but they do get sunburn.
    I did plant my cucumbers and bitter melons in the same area but my cucumbers were a total flop and I finally had to pull them. Perhaps the water needs for the two were incompatible? Both crop were a disappointment. The bitter melons produced mostly leaves and flowers but gave me only six melons.
    The update on my “critter” is that he is still alive and well. Probably thriving on all the bait I put out for him.
    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your article.


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