How to bring Humor into Garden Beds

October 7, 2010


For centuries, Halloween and scarecrows have spurred the makings of laughable and scary figures on front lawns, porches, and in gardens. With these two traditions in mind, you can bring humor into your garden year round by making the “eager gardener” (seen in the photo above) in less than 30 minutes. Here’s how.


  • Four 2×4 pieces of scrap wood
  • Heavy-duty stapler or 2 thumbtacks
  • Old pants and boots
  • Newspaper or straw
  • Four bricks
  • Two nails
  • Hammer
  • Shovel



  1. For the leg frames, cut two 2×4 boards six inches longer than the old pants being used.
  2. For the base, cut two 2×4 boards approximately 18 inches long.
  3. Place the leg frame in the center of one base and nail together. Repeat for second leg frame.
  4. In the soil, dig out an area 2-3 inches deep x 20 inches diameter and level the area.
  5. Place your leg frames in the area about 7 inches apart.
  6. To secure the leg frames, place a brick on the front and back of each base.
  7. Cover base and bricks with dirt, and mulch with straw if desired.
  8. Slip the pants onto the leg frames and lightly stuff each leg, buttocks, and front of pants with crumbled newspaper or straw.
  9. Slip boots over the leg frames, inside the pant legs.
  10. Staple or thumbtack the back of each pant to the leg frames just below the edge of boot top so the pant legs don’t slip down.


  • To avoid moving your “eager gardener” around, choose a spot where planting won’t take place for several months.
  • Try to avoid an area where overhead sprinklers won’t hit your “eager gardener”.
  • Get the family involved and make a replica of each member.

 Copyright © 2010 Dianne Marie Andre



  1. What a delightful farmer. Dianne, you are so creative! I enjoy reading your blog. Bernadine


  2. I think the “eager gardener” is looking for a needle in a haystack. Or maybe he is looking to see where his trick or treat candy is hidden. Very clever Dianne!!


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