Field Trip: Duarte Nursery, Inc.

December 3, 2010

Each year Duarte Nursery, near Modesto, California, opens their Poinsettia greenhouse to the public the first Saturday after Thanksgiving Day. The Poinsettia greenhouse sits on a 180-acre complex where the Duarte family grows mostly fruit and nut trees, vines, and 60,000 Poinsettias. Because Duarte Nursery sells to commercial growers, opening their doors to the public each November provides an opportunity to share the Christmas spirit by interacting with the community.

With over 30 Poinsettia varieties and colors, you can choose pinks, reds, burgundy, creamy white, yellow, marbled, mottled, wavy, Poinsettia trees, arrangements, pots, and vases. However, I should warn you, as you walk between the aisles, it’s impossible to choose the best and prettiest Poinsettia because each one is equally superb. The foliage is dark green, perky and plentiful. The bracts are vibrant, aesthetically balanced with dense, full growth from all angles. You won’t find one brown spot, yellow or wilting leaf. Duarte Nursery grows Poinsettias with perfection in mind.




Poinsettia hours are Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm. Poinsettias start at $8/ea.

Duarte Nursery is located at 1555 Baldwin Road, Hughson, California 95326

Phone:  209-531-0351 | Fax:  209-531-0352 | email:  sales@duartenursery.com

 Monday, look for Poinsettia Care Tips and Facts



  1. A wonderful way to kick off the Christmas season – with the ubiquitous Pointsetta. My favorite color is the mottled, but original red comes in a close second. I’m not too fond of the white or pink varieties – but to each his own – and Pointsettas reign supreme as the Christmas flower.


  2. wow, a sea of Christmas!
    love the center shot of the pink one….so pretty!


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