Proper indoor Care for Living Christmas Trees

December 9, 2010

Here are some helpful hints to keep your living Christmas tree happy and alive.

  • Always pick up your tree by the container or ball-and-burlap, not by the trunk.
  • After you bring your living tree home, immediately place it in a covered porch, patio, in the garage or shed for a few days. This will help prepare it for indoor conditions.
  • If possible, don’t keep your living tree indoors for more than seven days.
  • Once indoors, keep your tree in the original pot or its burlap wrapping.
  • Don’t place your living tree (or any tree) near heat sources such as fireplaces, vents, wall units.
  • Whether you choose a potted or ball-and-burlap tree, protect your floor or carpet with a saucer, or drip pan. If you slip the ball-and-burlap tree inside a decorative container, make such it has drainage holes so the root ball doesn’t sit in water.
  • Don’t let your tree’s soil or root ball dry out. Check daily and keep moist, not soggy.
  • If you string Christmas lights around your living tree, use miniature or LED lights to minimize burning the needles. Also, limit the time you keep them turned on. A timer works great for tree lights, and other decorations.

When you are ready to relocate your living tree outside, place it in a sheltered area such as a covered porch, patio, inside the garage or shed for a few days to prepare it for outdoor conditions. Plant it according to the nursery tag where it has plenty of growing space, in well-draining soil.



  1. Do you recomend to give water every day?


    • Your tree shouldn’t require much watering. Most of us kill our trees and plants from overwatering. I recommend that you check it daily. Stick your finger into the soil about six inches to see if it is dry. Water slowly. If your tree is sitting in a drip pan without gravel to keep the roots out of the water, remove the water. You can do this with a turkey baster, or soak it up with a large sponge or towels. I hope this helps. Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. Merry Christmas.


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