How to Dispose of Christmas Trees

December 29, 2010

After the holidays, it’s best to remove your Christmas tree from your house as early as possible. Never burn your tree in the fireplace or outside. Christmas trees ignite rapidly, pop, spark, and can cause a fire and the loss of homes or worse, lives.

If you have a mulching machine, or you plan to rent one, get the job done right away. Dry Christmas trees are just as dangerous when left outdoors.  

Most towns offer curbside pickup after Christmas. Contact your municipal office by telephone or Google their website for information on proper disposal, pickup schedules, or locations of the nearest drop-off recycling center. Nonprofit organizations, such as The Boy Scouts, also offer pickup service for a small donation fee.


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  1. Good tips for disposal of live Christmas trees. Sometimes exceptionally large fresh cut varieties can be a prolem to disose of, even though they are beautiful holiday decorations. My method, however, never varies from year to year. Take down the branches, store them in large plastc tubs and break out the 9’artificial tree again next year. I do miss the christmasy fresh pine smell of a live tree.


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