Homemade Popcorn Garlands for Your Christmas Tree

December 5, 2011

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By Guest Writer Bernadine Chapman-Cruz

Enhance your Christmas décor by trimming your tree with old-fashioned popcorn garlands. This wholesome holiday activity will bring grins and giggles to the entire family, as well as create lasting memories for years to come.


1.  Plain popcorn – no salt or butter added (stale air-popped popcorn works best).

2. Thin waxed dental floss.

3. An embroidery needle.


1. Unwind two arm lengths of dental floss.

2. Thread needle and make a large double knot at end.

3. Insert threaded needle through popcorn and slide down to one inch from the knotted end.

4. Loop knotted end of floss around the first piece of popcorn to establish beginning of chain and tie off to secure.

5. Continue process, sliding each piece of popcorn to the end until one inch of floss remains, then tie off as in #4.

6. When desired number of garlands (estimated calculation at nine to ten feet for each foot of Christmas tree) are complete, it’s time to decorate.

7. Arrange garlands horizontally in circular or swag-like pattern across limbs after affixing lights to tree.

8. Once garlands are in place, decorate tree with other ornamentation.

9. The same process can be used to string fresh cranberries or combine cranberries and popcorn for multi-colored garlands.

10. Discard garlands after one season. Toss into trees, bushes or shrubbery for wildlife to enjoy the labors of your Christmas creativity.

Copyright 2011 © Bernadine Chapman-Cruz


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