100 Christmas Gift Ideas

December 7, 2011

I know what I’m getting for Christmasand no, I didn’t peek—an autographed copy of More Lives than One, The Remarkable Wilde Family through the Generations, ‘by award-winning Irish Poet Gerry Hanberry. The book doesn’t have anything to do with gardening or country lifestyle, but winning is fun and I just had to share.

The book is a contest prize from a challenge held on blog site Wise Words by Mona Wise who signs her emails “Writer, Mother, Wife, Dishbitch.” Her lighthearted words and photography, along with yummy, garden-fresh recipes by husband Chef Ron Wise, come from Ireland where she lives with her family and a puppy name Pearl.

Mona seems to be somewhat of a superwoman. In addition to blogging, this busy gal is writing a book, attending college and raising four children. How does she do it? Lucky Mona, her husband is a chef! However, I understand Mona is a good cook herself.

If you’re wearing the superwoman (or man) apron like Mona and need a little help with gift ideas for friends and family gardeners, check out last year’s post, 100 Gift Ideas for Gardeners.  The recipients of your gifts may not know until Christmas what they are getting but they’re sure to feel like a winner!



  1. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

    I generally choose biographies when I curl up with a good book too. Currently reading Gloria Vanderbilt – It Seemed Important at the Time. – a Romance Memoir.

    I enjoy Mona Wise’s site too and thanks for leading me there.

    Will revisit the 100 Christmas Gifts for Gardeners – I still have some shopping to do.

    And again, congratulations on winning! bernadine


  2. Hi Dianne,
    Thank you so much for sharing the blog on your blog. I just scrolled though your 100 Christmas gifts for Gardeners and can tell you the Chef would love most of them! The book should arrive to you mid next week and I hope you enjoy it. Best wishes from Ireland…..where I am anything but Superwoman.
    Just a Mum xx


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