Tips Hints and Cool Things

December 12, 2011

Beginning in January 2012, I am replacing Friday’s Soulful Plotting with Tips Hints and Cool Things, addressing anything related to gardening, country living, and nature.

Join in the fun and get published at inandaroundthegarden.net by submitting your unique tips to inthegarden@softcom.net. I will be accepting these beginning now through mid-December 2012. If chosen, you will be notified via email.

Here’s a hint of what’s to come:

Stone fruit-tree leaves are poisonous to animals. The University of Delaware Extension warns that wilted leaves of stone fruit trees such as cherries, peaches, and plums can be deadly. A chemical change takes place in green leaves wilted by frost, storm damage, or by cutting. This process makes the leaves sweet and more attractive than normal to animals. A few handfuls of leaves may be enough to kill a horse or cow. The limp, green, or partly yellowed leaves are the most dangerous. These leaves lose the poison after dried or composted.

PS:  To help prevent pests and disease from developing, it’s best to remove leaves from under all trees and shrubs.


One comment

  1. Hi Dianne,

    This sounds like fun. We’ll all have to put on our thinking caps to keep up with the ‘master gardener’.

    I cretainly didn’t know about the ‘leaves’. Thanks for the information. Looking forward to see ‘who knows what & wants to share’.


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