Tips Hints and Cool Things

January 20, 2012


Water Temperature:  Houseplants prefer water that isn’t too hot or cold and de-chlorinated. De-chlorinate water by filling a watering vessel the night before. The chlorine will evaporate overnight.

Bamboo splitters:  A medical professional should always remove bamboo splitters as bamboo has barbs that break off under the skin.

Cool Thing: 

Researchers found that the speed at which protein renewal in plants takes place dictates how quickly plants can adapt to environmental changes, such as a sudden frost or drought. Therefore, scientists could develop crops that can handle sudden weather changes. Journal of Proteome Research.

A personal note:  Finally, it’s raining in my neck of the woods! I removed the frost cloths, turned off the timers to the drip lines and lawn, covered the firewood, and put out the drain gutters. I hope you remembered to do the same. Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S.:  I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done. — Steven Wright


One comment

  1. So many things to take care of in and around the garden. since my garden is relatively simple, I’m okay, just glad for the rain because my automatic sprinklers have been turned off since september or october. the lawn needs a drink! everything else seems to be doing okay though. thanks for the itps dianne.


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