An Odd Thing About Challenges . . .

January 9, 2014


I don’t know the story behind the chairs hung on this exterior building that I came upon, but the possibilities sure make one curious. Any ideas? I’d like to hear them.



  1. A good trick if you want to trace images back to the source is right click over the image with your mouse. You get the opportunity to ‘search Google for this image”. In this case no other images were found but you do get lucky sometimes.


  2. to keep your feet off the floor when somebody is mopping?


  3. Perhaps it is a not so subtle message. Perhaps the chairs are saying, “time to get out of the chair and get a move-on.”


    • If that is the case, then I need a treadmill desk! But first I would need backers to get one. All fun aside, in a world of computers we do need to discipline ourselves to move more so we can stay healthy, get outdoors and engage in nature and people face-to-face. Thanks for reminding us!


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