White Desire

July 23, 2014

Fruit Gallery #2:

white peach 2

The beautiful white peach

Will soon fad away,

As will its delightful juice

And crunchy flesh.

white peach 1

The white peaches in my refrigerator bin do not come from my home orchard (I don’t have one). They come from the grocery store and the farmer whose name I haven’t a clue . . .  who remains faceless. But in my mind, I can see his or her hands, rough with calluses, scrapes and cuts, and if he or she is not young, brown spots from the sun.

I am grateful for the farmer, the neighbor whose ambition results in too much harvest of which I reap, and the young people soaking up agriculture like a thirsty tree.

white peaches_edited-1

I love and am captivated by the white flesh of a peach, the hint of its sweet and mild flavor while firm and crisp.

I am mystified by how the texture changes when ripe and how unpleasant it is to my palate. Am I the only one who feels this way?

No matter.

My desire is a simple pleasure . . . one I delight in before white peaches fade away.


One comment

  1. beautiful photos…and i like them a little softer than crunchy, but not much:)


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