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The Great Pumpkin Debate

October 6, 2014

Fruit-Vegetable Gallery #5:

The name “pumpkin” originated from the Greek word “pepon (for large melon). The French changed pepon to “pompon” changed by the English to “pumpion,” changed to “pumpkin” by yours truly, the Americans.

According to Extension Specialist Tim Hartz, UC Davis Plant Science Department, pumpkins can be classified as a melon (fruit) or a squash (vegetable). Hartz says categorizing the pumpkin depends on who is defining the terms. “To a botanist, a pumpkin is a fruit because it is a ripened ovary containing seeds, just like a melon or tomato. To a chef, pumpkins and squash are usually thought of as vegetables because of how they are used in cooking.”

In other words, no one truly knows the proper category for pumpkins. So look at it this way, whether you call a pumpkin a melon or squash, fruit or vegetable, you will be correct every time!



White Desire

July 23, 2014

Fruit Gallery #2:

white peach 2

The beautiful white peach

Will soon fad away,

As will its delightful juice

And crunchy flesh.

white peach 1

The white peaches in my refrigerator bin do not come from my home orchard (I don’t have one). They come from the grocery store and the farmer whose name I haven’t a clue . . .  who remains faceless. But in my mind, I can see his or her hands, rough with calluses, scrapes and cuts, and if he or she is not young, brown spots from the sun.

I am grateful for the farmer, the neighbor whose ambition results in too much harvest of which I reap, and the young people soaking up agriculture like a thirsty tree.

white peaches_edited-1

I love and am captivated by the white flesh of a peach, the hint of its sweet and mild flavor while firm and crisp.

I am mystified by how the texture changes when ripe and how unpleasant it is to my palate. Am I the only one who feels this way?

No matter.

My desire is a simple pleasure . . . one I delight in before white peaches fade away.

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