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A Pensive Scene

April 8, 2014

The other morning, when I looked up from the kitchen sink and saw sunrays drift among a faint fog through the silver maples, I ran for my camera. I knew it would be months before fog and the sun’s rays meet up again. We had very little fog this past winter, and this was a moment not to be missed. I had to run, camera in hand, down the driveway before nature’s magic disappeared behind the trees. As I looked through my camera’s LCD screen, I could see the visiting light, shadowy lines, and soft mist quickly disappear from sight. Within seconds the attributes that had created the scenes below were gone. When I turned around, white vapor hovered over the green pasture in the distant valley between rolling hills.

I suppose this was a small farewell to winter and the last of nature’s moisture until summer passes and we enter the cold season once again.


No Words Sunday

January 12, 2014




February 1, 2012 Registered & Protected

Fog is . . .

A cloud that hides the world from our eyes

Beyond the drizzle of a hazy disguise.

But in our minds, outside the mist

We see life’s surroundings and trials,  

Gates unlocked or windows barred,

These things the cloud cannot hide.

So we walk through the veil—

Come harsh or scary,

Mysterious or chancy,

Buoyant or lovely.

Willful to see the world beyond the cloud,

Merely the drizzle of a hazy disguise.

— © 2012 Dianne Marie Andre


The Unexpected

September 21, 2010

I didn’t expect fog yesterday morning. The mist surprised me as I watched the reduced visibility across the land. Flirtation of heavy drizzle dampened the earth and the leaves beneath my shoes. Peaceful as it felt, I’m not ready for the movements of change.

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