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Inspired by Nature

April 17, 2015


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Girl Fight!

July 1, 2014

For days now, two hens have been brooding in the same nesting box. Their body language is different every time I go to the coop.


Could you turn around? The view isn’t pretty!


Boy, I try to improve the view and then you sit on me! What’s up with that?


I’ll tell you what’s up with that! You’re taking up all the room. I need a break!


You’re on my back again, and now my head is stuck in the egg tray.

That’s a good place for it!


Stop trying to make up!


Hey! Help me keep an eye on the hen next door. She might try to squeeze in.


A Pensive Scene

April 8, 2014

The other morning, when I looked up from the kitchen sink and saw sunrays drift among a faint fog through the silver maples, I ran for my camera. I knew it would be months before fog and the sun’s rays meet up again. We had very little fog this past winter, and this was a moment not to be missed. I had to run, camera in hand, down the driveway before nature’s magic disappeared behind the trees. As I looked through my camera’s LCD screen, I could see the visiting light, shadowy lines, and soft mist quickly disappear from sight. Within seconds the attributes that had created the scenes below were gone. When I turned around, white vapor hovered over the green pasture in the distant valley between rolling hills.

I suppose this was a small farewell to winter and the last of nature’s moisture until summer passes and we enter the cold season once again.


The Road to a Tranquil Experience

March 4, 2014

 . . . is often found in a peaceful walk.


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No Words Sunday | Time to Rest

February 9, 2014



No Words Friday

December 27, 2013



Autumn’s Light Series: Photo 4

November 12, 2013

fence 3

This morning I watched the autumn light

and felt its warmth on my body like a hug and a kiss.

I gawked at the season’s hues,

studied how one color offsets another,

then yearned to travel the world

so I could pocket God’s mysterious creations . . .

the simple and the complicated wonders of nature.

My pockets would be full, no doubt,

and my eagerness with little or no self-control,

for every day I would take out autumn’s light

and hold it in the palm of my hand,

not once, not twice, but more times than I could count.

I would hold spring’s brilliant blossoms,

unbelievable sunsets, weird and strange creatures,

only to marvel and repeat this question,

“How’d you do that God?

How’d you do that?”

–©Dianne Marie Andre 2013

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