December 1, 2010

The December events has been posted. Now, go out and have some fun before the year is gone.


  1. December is a busy time for all. I plan to enjoy the holiday season dining out with friends, going to Christmas parties, remaining thankful for what this year has brought to me – new insights, new friends, good health, and a resurgance of following a passion I’ve left on the shelf for way too long – making pudding!


  2. Bernadine, you are such a glass-half-full person, so positive. That is a good thing. Have a wonderful holiday season. Great to have good health, good friends (new and old) and tell us more about your pudding. Do you have a special recipe or do you do the package kind?


  3. Hi Valerie,
    No special pudding recipe. I just like pudding (any flavor) the boxed kind. I must admit, however, that I usually end up with burned pudding on the bottom of the pan, as I’m way too impatient to follow the directions on the box and kick the burner up to High! Maybe that’s why I’ve been away from it for so long – medium heat makes better pudding.

    stir it on medium as the package directions state, I kick the burner up to high d I know the real story) I think I’ll say I generally burn it on the bottom of the pan as I’m too impatient to follow the directions and cook it on medium heat – I crank burner up to High.


  4. Bernadine,
    One of your very good friends could give you a double boiler for a Christmas present this year and then maybe your pudding would be safe!!!! ENJOY.


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