Landline Update

December 1, 2010

After I got home from the library yesterday, my landline phone was working. Go figure. Still, the phone company came out today and tried to find the problem so it wouldn’t happen again for the third time, but my phones have to be down to locate the trouble.

The good news is that it is outside the house. The bad news is that it will probably happen again, and if I can’t get Verizon to come out while the phone is out-of-order (this only happens when it rains), I just have to wait for the “problem spot” to dry out.

The repairman told me that another couple with the same issue went 18 days without service. So, if you don’t hear from me for a while in the near future, most likely it’s because I can’t go on-line.

I sure do appreciate your patience with a country gal and her rural-living troubles.

PS:  If anyone has a laptop that you don’t use and would like to donate it to “In and Around the Garden” so that I can at least go to a coffee shop to communicate as often as possible when I’m offline, I’d be grateful for the gift.



  1. Into every life, some rain must fall – but remember, as in April showers, the flowers grow. Bernadine


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